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Glee hasn’t even been good since the first half of season 1, yet I watch it every week and the last episode gave me so many emotions. What the hell.

When Glee started singing “What Does The Fox Say”:

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#how I feel when I’m watching a scene between my otp

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❝What's your favourite tv show?❞<

wow, you might as well ask a mother to pick her favourite child. :/ off the top of my head here are some of my favourites (both current and cancelled): Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Sherlock, Glee, SG1, SGA, HIMYM, White Collar, Family Guy, Skins, 2 broke girls, Firefly, That 70’s Show, and I should stop or this list may never end.

(I like tv in case you didn’t notice. Don’t even try to get me to narrow down my favourite movies) 

Domestic Abuse: Girls Only?

So I loved that Glee decided to bring up the issue of domestic violence in last night’s episode “Choke”. Someone very close to me had been a victim to domestic violence and there is no excuse for violence against women. But there is also no excuse for violence against men either (or whatever gender you choose to identify yourself as). I feel they really should have made light of the fact that women are not the only ones who suffer from domestic violence.

Yes it’s true that 85% of domestic violence cases are women, but there is still the other 15% to consider. People seem to think that women are the only ones who are victims from domestic violence. At my University, every women’s bathroom stall has a poster about getting help for domestic violence, but when I asked my guy friends they told me there was nothing like that in their washrooms. In our town there is a safe house for women who are escaping an abusive partner to stay at, but men cannot stay there (I would like to note I think this house is a wonderful program, and know people who have used it. I am not saying there shouldn’t be this kind of aid for women).

If you’re like me, you grew up reading Archie Comics. How many times has Veronica or Betty started hitting Archie because they were mad at him? Quite a bit. Now think of the reaction readers would have if Archie hit one of the girls. There would be an explosion of complaints and boycotts. Now I realize these comics are simply meant to be innocent and funny, but it’s a good example of the way we seem to view gender and abuse: we think It’s okay for girls to hit boys, but not okay for them to hit back. This kind of thinking is left over from the idea that girls are weak and need men to protect them. Yes, it is true that in many cases men are stronger physically then women, but not always. I have girl friends that are much stronger then my guy friends. 

Also there seems to be this idea that men who are abused by women must be weak. NOT TRUE! Look at Beast in the Glee episode, she was strong enough to fight back, but chose not to because she was not a violent person. Now imagine the roles were reversed, and instead it was the husband who didn’t want to fight back. (Note: Men in same sex relationship can also suffer from abuse. I am just focusing on the gender ideas that have been put in place by society, but men are also abused by men.) Also is it a complete myth that the abuser needs to be stronger or bigger then the person they are abusing!   

Many men are also ashamed of their abuse, or afraid to admit it. There has been so much work done to help women get up the courage to report the abuse they suffer, but virtually nothing has been done to encourage men to report abuse

Abuse also takes other forms besides physical. There are many types of Domestic Violence such as verbal, sexual, or emotional. People of any gender can suffer this type of abuse no matter the gender of their partner. 

Now I’m still glad Glee brought up this issue. It is important and people need to realize that domestic violence is not a joke, but they also need to realize women are not the only ones who suffer from it. Our society focuses far to much on gender, and this is an example of it! 

"There’s no excuse for men’s violence against women"?

There’s no excuse for violence against ANYONE.

***I am not an expert, I wrote this because of my personal beliefs and oppinions! Any facts or statistics I have cited were found online and I cannot 100% vouch for their accuracy, thought I tried to use credible source. If you or anyone you know is suffering from Domestic Abuse Check out these hotlines or others like them to get help and advice. If you have any complaint or disagree with anything I have written feel free to comment on it. I just want to get people to think about the fact that people of any gender can suffer from Domestic Abuse.***

omg, Glee tonight was amazing. why? because of Unique! I couldn’t stop smiling through the whole performance. It was amazing. She was beautiful. I was so happy they finally put a trans character on the show. I’m so happy right now. 

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I’ve found that I ship so many different pairings for fandoms that they overlap and in the end I just end up shipping one giant polygamous relationship between all of them.

My review of the Glee episode…



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am I the only one wondering how Artie was able to reach the ceiling to set up the confetti?

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did Puck kiss Sam’s hand???

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Reblog if you always try to avoid spoilers and freak out when you accidentally read one.

Can’t wait to see Damian McGinty on glee tonight, I remember when my aunts were swooning over him in Celtic Thunder.

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